Clarity Creates Success

Untangle the 4 Flows that mess everyone up right at the beginning.

Before you go on a journey,
it makes sense to look at a map.

Here are 4 Essential Keys
for Unstoppable Success.

1) What to look for and avoid
2) Hows to run a business from home
3) Communication (Active Listening)
4) Personal Growth & Intentional Manifesting

Yep - It's FREE!

Just like love...
...the value is profound and you can't buy it in the marketplace.
It's given freely 'cause life is happier that way.

"This is really great! The 2nd time around all the Aha's get better!"

-Brita O.

"Tremendous Job. The stories are wonderful! The more you get into it, the better it gets."
-Dolores R.

"Network marketing is the most important business model to come along since franchising."

-Prof. Charles King, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago


Full-Spectrum Personal Growth

"You are more than you think you are... Grow into all you can be."

-Udana Power

All UdanaVersity courses are designed to provoke an understanding of
the Body-Mind-Soul Continuum.

Discover and heal your
willingness to have money.

Change your set-point.

Takes vision boarding and the Law of Attraction to a new level.

3,000 year old science principles

Align your energies with the most powerful force in nature.

Learn to work in the Quantum Field.